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Is Microblading Right For You?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Are you considering microblading? Trying to decide if it is right for you? You are not alone! Microblading for your eyebrows is a big decision.

Here is some real truth about microblading your eyebrows: if you have thin eyebrows and a lighter hair color, the first time you have your eyebrows microbladed will feel pretty dramatic. It will feel intense because you have lived your whole life viewing yourself with thin, light eyebrows and when you see something so obviously different, your brain will notice.

Is Microblading Right For You?

Additionally, the first time you have microblading done, you may spend the days to follow freaking out about what you have done because the initial results are dramatic. You may even think you look like an “angry bird” and the truth is, you may a little…

But, it is a normal part of the process and it will get better. We will explain. But first, what is eyebrow microblading?

What is eyebrow microblading?

Manual microblading involves using a small disposable blade and handle consisting of tiny, fine-point needles that is used to scratch and deposit pigment simultaneously under your skin.

How to decide if microblading right for you

There are a few important considerations when it comes to deciding whether microblading is right for you. It is not a decision you want to rush because first and foremost, finding a skilled technician is paramount. Finding a great and experienced technician requires online research, reading online reviews, and viewing plenty of before and after pictures. Any truly experienced technician will spend real time measuring, outlining, and defining the shape of your brow before they begin the procedure. In addition, they will show you the defined area for approval prior to beginning the process. Additionally, a clean environment, fresh tools, and evidence of experience and reputation should be apparent.

Beyond that, you want to work with a technician that is skilled in subtly enhancing the shape and color of your brows--and understands how to help you make the gradual transition. I mean, you cannot go from thin plain Jane eyebrows to Cara Delevingne eyebrows overnight! It is too much!

Finally, you have to plan for the fact that your eyebrows will look fairly dramatic post-treatment—FOR A FEW DAYS. In other words, you have to plan for that initial feeling of “oh my gosh, what have I done.”

HOWEVER, rest assured, your eyebrows will “settle.” The pigment will be dark in the days to follow but they will gradually settle down and begin to look like your eyebrows, only way better. So, you have to plan for that. How confident will you feel going out? Are you attending a large gathering? Do you have a big presentation at work? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, probably best to wait and schedule your treatment ahead of a long weekend.

The process of microblading

On the day of you procedure, you may want to consider taking ibuprofen ahead of your appointment because it does hurt a little. The technician will begin the process by applying a numbing cream, which typically takes about 15-20 minutes to take effect. Then, your eyebrows will be cleaned up, shaped, tweezed, waxed, measured, and defined for the actual microblading process.

The physical act of microblading is probably never been described as pleasant. It will hurt a little, even with the numbing cream. You can liken the experience to getting a tattoo, but slightly less painful. The tiny, fine-point blade effectively creates the eyebrow strokes and is filled with pigment, and then wiped away. The process is repeated until each brow area is filled and colored. Typically one eyebrow is more sensitive than the other. For example, many report almost complete tolerance on one eyebrow and a more sensitive experience on the other. That is normal. All totaled, the actual process of microblading takes about 15 minutes.

The majority of clients find that those 15 minutes are well worth it! Once their eyebrows have settled, they find themselves with perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows, and a more enhanced and youthful appearance. Plus, the results are long lasting and there is little to no maintenance between touch-ups.

Is Microblading Right For You?
Is Microblading Right For You?

Microblading aftercare

  • Avoid getting the area wet for up to 10 days, which includes keeping your face dry during a shower.

  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week. This is because the pigments are still settling in to the shallow cuts in your skin caused by the blading.

  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

  • Keep your hair away from your brow line.

  • Apply any medicated cream or healing balm provided by your technician as directed.

Nearly everyone that has microblading done by a skilled technician loves the results. Where things can go awry is if you go too dark, too big, or worse, they come out uneven, which can happen with an experienced technician.

Valbona, owner of V Salon and Academy has over 20 years of microblading experience and countless 5 star reviews. We hope you have found her advice useful in deciding if microblading is right for you.

If you would like to learn more about V Salon & Academy, please visit our About Us page. Also, follow us on Facebook @vsalonacademy and Instagram at @vsalon_academy for updates, tips, ideas and more.

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